By David Wright



Anonymous asked: intellect.

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Anonymous asked: sometimes when i look at the pix of your wonderful ass, i think about how much james joyce would have loved it, and how he would have praised it and you while you did the naughtiest and most shameful things while he watched. he would have bloom fantasize about spanking you while sneaking a peek at your plump, pouting pussy. joyce may never have fully acknowledged your art or your talent, but he secretly would have been even more aroused by your shameful exhibition because he recognized your inte

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Anonymous asked: how do you recover from all the bruising & how long until you can do it again? any scaring?

I recover from the bruising by allowing my body to break down hemoglobin and reabsorb the blood. You can do this by existing. It usually takes a week or two. 

No scars.


Cam Damage and Jacs Fishburne. By polabeard. 2014.

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